The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day 2023

The Perfect Gift For Valentine's Day 2023

Valentine's Day is coming soon and we're here to help you elevate the ambience in your bedroom.

Sensuous Aromas LLC specializes in handcrafting cruelty-free luxury  bedroom candles filled with the most sultry and romantic fragrances designed to set the mood in your bedroom. 



There's absolutely nothing sexier than entering a soft candlelit bedroom filled with a Sensuous Aromas aphrodisiac fragranced candle featuring crackling sounds of the wood wick. Instantly, your mind is eased, your mood uplifted and before you know it, you've been transported to a different place and time through the romantic aroma of our luxury bedroom candles.

Make Valentine's Day a memorable experience by gifting a Sensuous Aromas candle to your love at 

Just in time for Valentine's Day, Sensuous Aromas LLC has just launched two limited edition marbled candles for a celebratory scent experience.

Introducing Love Letter and Night To Remember, definitely a sweet treat to gift yourself, a friend or that special someone. Love Letter is busting with notes of sparkling champagne with fruity hints of raspberry for a bubbly celebration of love. Ignite Night To Remember for a memorable night filled with strawberries & whipped vanilla a mouth-watering creamy fruity delight. Pre-Order yours here before they're all gone. #KeepTheFlameBurning

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Our Valentine's Collection are handpoured in a heavy base glass that can easily be recycled as a cocktail glass.

All of our products are made with a biodegradable coconut apricot wax and pure essential oil infused plant-based fragrance oils. Sustainable and organic ingredients free of phthalates, sulfates, gluten and parabens. Good for our well-being, animals and the Earth.



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