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5 Ways to Enhance Your Self-Care Routine

Self-Care is taking a break from your daily life to simply care for your own well-being. In order to perform well in your daily routine, you must recharge your mind, body, and soul. Is this being selfish? Absolutely not. Indulge in whatever it takes to release stress and increase your happiness to boost your energy and maintain a good mental health.

If you are like myself, a long warm soak in the tub is my go to for relaxation. Sometimes I even read a chapter of a book or have a glass of wine during my soak. But what I have found that really enhances my self-care routine are the following:

1. Creating a serene atmosphere with soft lighting and music during bathtime.

2. Light our soothing crackling wooden wick Self-Care candle with aromas that help promotes relaxation and uplifts your mood, such as bamboo and eucalyptus scents that are well-known for uplifting your mood and mental clarity to help reset your mind for a healthier well-being.


3. Meditation

4. Repeating affirmations

5. Drinking water or a warm tea before bedtime.

This really helps me to sleep well and wake up feeling refreshed the following morning.

I hope this helps you as much as it helps me. If you are not currently practicing a self-care routine, I hope this encourages you to start today.

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